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sucks hollywood

Okay. I've been noticing an outcome for months on end, and right now. Here's the facts. Hollywood is clearly dead, everything I saw beyond that point. 2 Jan Otherwise healthy Democrats have gotten ever more hysterical when it comes to matters of culture, economy, and governance. Is doltishness a side effect of a vegan diet? Could all of that Californian fog be getting to their heads? Or is the left simply a product of an education which encourages facile. 26 Sep John Cusack blasts Hollywood as a 'whorehouse' that is so obsessed with young female actors 'it's almost like kiddie porn' John Cusack has unleashed an attack on the ageism and misogyny that surrounds today's Hollywood film industry, speaking out in defense of the treatment of.


Hollywood Sucks!! 10 Reasons Why sucks hollywood

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